Spoon Vision?

Near the end of Act I of the hit musical “Hamilton”, the cast, made up almost entirely of people of color, summarize the sentiment of the Americans in the very moment when the British surrendered at the Battle of Yorktown signaling the end of the war. “I hear the drinking song their singing… the world turned upside down.”

A favorite hymn at my small urban Mennonite church in Oklahoma City is “Canticle of the Turning”. My favorite lyrics are in the third verse: “From the halls of power to the fortress tower, not a stone will be left on stone. Let the king beware for your justice tears ev’ry tyrant from his throne. The hungry poor shall weep no more, for the food they can never earn; There are tables spread, ev’ry mouth be fed, for the world is about to turn.”

An upside down world is apt imagery for a true revolution of the people. Despite my initial impression, the world is currently not upside down, post November 8, 2016. Trump’s rise is not a revolution by any definition. As so many have testified in response to the election, life was difficult for people of color before Trump. The only difference now, it seems, is that many white people are waking up to this reality.

So “Spoon Vision” is my attempt to see the upside down world that could be. The Revolution that is possible. The Revolution that starts and ends in education. This blog will focus on social justice issues and their relevance in Oklahoma public schools, but more specifically, social justice issues that haves names and faces inside my 8th grade U.S. History class in Del City, Oklahoma.


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