Dear Mr. Trump,

The following is anonymous advice to President Trump from some of my middle school history students, presented without comment.

“I think you should be nicer and not rude. You should not make a wall. You should leave all the rude stuff and start over and not be rude to other people because you are a different color. You should treat people the same if they are different colors.”

“I hope you really make America a great and safe place, and I feel like before you wanna say something you should think about each person, not just a few, and not just the white people. I feel like Mexicans and brown skin people should all be treated just like everyone else. Nobody should be treated different. Even if you don’t like them, you should still be kind to them. But I feel like you shouldn’t kick people out, including Mexicans, because they are not doing anything wrong. They are just as important as you are. So Trump, please make America great again.”

“I think that you should not kick anybody out. You would not like it if somebody kicked you out? And if you kick out people, we will not like you.”

“Don’t use your presidency to your advantage. You should make America great again by keeping equal rights and keeping us strong. We need help more than anything. You tearing us apart will break us even more. Use the money you have to help fix our schools and buildings, especially Oklahoma schools. We are struggling badly.”

“Sending people away won’t help you or anyone else. It will just make our country seem cruel and unjust. You can’t change people, and they can’t really change you.”

“I love you, but please don’t do anything stupid. Don’t build a wall.”

“Please don’t make Trump Care. Do something positive like make college free or something. Oh yeah, be nice.”

“You need to treat people kindly. Respect people. Don’t build a wall. How is building a wall making the world better? You think all Mexicans are bad. They aren’t. Everybody has a different personality.”

“I hope that you will make America a safe and peaceful place. I also hope that you can change the way you feel toward Mexicans and other races. At the end, we’re all one nation, and we’ll all soon have to come together as one. There will be challenges along the way, but maybe you can solve the issues without violence.”

“I believe you should not be racist or mess with Mexicans. They are my family, and I show love to any and every Mexican. Same thing goes with African Americans and all white people. I don’t discriminate. I am mixed with all of the above, and I have a family member of each ethnicity. Hopefully Barack Obama was a great enough example of a great leader you can be.”

“I really don’t care if you’re President. It doesn’t really matter to me. I just don’t want my Mexican friends to have to go to Mexico.”

“You should listen to people’s ideas because some people have good ones. You should support gay rights because that is what people choose to do with their life. I think that you shouldn’t put up a wall because people around the world could come here and be who they want to be.”


“Please don’t build a wall. I don’t think that’s right because what if you build it, then some of the Mexican’s parents will have to go, and that’s not right. You should think about it.”

“I like your presidency, but you need to be a little nicer to people, even if you don’t like them.”

“Be a president for all Americans no matter the race. We are all equal and should be treated with kindness. No hate, no negative vibes, or anything. Also, I just ask for you to do your best as president and hopefully you take this in and really think about our country and not just yourself.”

“If you want to be a good president and quit getting talked about, quit discriminating and quit acting like you’re better than everybody, and quit thinking that black people and Mexicans are different from white people. The only thing that is different is skin color. Just because you had most things handed to you doesn’t mean that they’re different for trying to survive.”

“I want you to be a good president. You have to be good, kind, and very helpful to black people. I don’t know if you like Mexicans, but if you don’t, what did they do to you?”

“I have heard many things about you that are not nice. I have also heard you say some pretty offensive things about women. Please be nice. Thank you.”

“As a student, I know we would like more security and not be afraid of going to school. This is supposed to be a free country, and everyone is welcome. I get you want to get illegals out, but they came here for security, money, and a better life. One last thing, if you want respect, you have to respect others and not discriminate against them.”

“Hopefully you can be a wonderful president because I was scared that you would take my friends away from me. This is America, and the U.S.A. is the home of the brave and free. So please don’t take anybody’s freedom away.”

“I hope you don’t use foul language. You should let illegal people get a chance to get registered. You don’t need to get rid of the people who want to be here.”

“People in my school always talk bad about you. Does that phase you? I think you’re a business man. I believe if you put yourself in others’ shoes, you can be a great president. Think logically. Stop the publicity act. Stop the sexism. Stop the racism. Stop the homophobia.”

“Please don’t send half of my family back to Mexico.”

“Don’t be rude to women. Try to make people not hate you by doing good things. The actions you do speak louder than words.”

“You should not build the wall to try to keep out Mexicans. Mexicans are Americans too. Be nicer to girls and women.”

“There are a lot of people who hate you, but honestly their opinions don’t matter. If you can keep America strong or even make it stronger, you can prove all those people wrong. Since you are going to be in office, a lot of people are gonna depend on you, and others are gonna doubt you. You can either make a good impression or you can ruin lots of things. It’s your choice!”

“I am writing to you to give you advice. One thing is women are not sex toys. We are unique individuals. The only difference is body parts. Women have grown in society over the past 100 years and now we deserve respect. We shouldn’t just be forced to stay home, cook, clean, and have and take care of kids.”

“I feel that you are not being fair. Everyone in America deserves the right to be here. Mexicans have the right to be here. You should treat everyone equally. I feel you are very disrespectful. Just because you’re president, doesn’t mean you have the right to judge people by their race, disability, or who they are. I don’t care if you’re mad at how I feel.”

“I believe you could be a good president if you choose to listen and understand that what you do has consequences. Your power is a tsunami of change. Choose carefully what you do. I believe in you.”

“I hope you don’t build that wall. America is supposed to be known as the land of the free. That’s why they are here. My mom wants you as president. She says you have good policies. I hope you can make America great again. It’s scary for some of us because Obama was our president most of our life. If the next four years go good, I’ll vote for you.”

“Please speak of everyone kindly. Wait your turn. Don’t discriminate. Respect all people, even if you don’t like their ideas. And mostly, if you think someone else will be offended by it, don’t say it.”

“I don’t understand why you want to take away Obama Care when it has helped so many people survive. So when you take office you should really think about the people and their opinions because you can’t do some of the things that you said.”

“No one should feel unsafe. No one should have to be ripped apart from their family. No children should be scared that they will never see their parents again. No one should be afraid of a country that promised to protect them. We are all equal and beautiful in this country, and we come in all shapes, sizes, religions, backgrounds, races, genders, sexualities and mindsets. Why should safety and security and love be only for some Americans? My advice to you is to think before you speak and to control your anger.”



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