“Masters of Law”


(The following is a parody of the Bob Dylan song
“Masters of War” written especially for Oklahoma
Republican Legislators. You can find the original
lyrics here. Enjoy!)

Come you masters of law,
You that cut the big deals.
Are you really that evil?
Or just asleep at the wheel?
How was your evening
When you dined with big oil?
We’re on to your schemes.
Soon your plans will be foiled.

You that never done nothin’
But talk a big talk.
You promise us funding,
Then you take the day off.
You cut all departments,
Pat yourself on the back
We just want you to know,
“Stay alert, don’t relax.”

Like Judas of old
You lie and deceive.
You care about my students.
You want me to believe.
But I see through your budget,
And I see through your plan.
You don’t care about the people
Unless their name’s Hamm.

You collect your per diem
While our teachers get fired.
Then you set back and watch
While surrounding states hire.
You hide in your office.
We are crowded in schools.
But we won’t go away.
Don’t mistake us for fools.

You talk about markets.
You talk about choice.
What about the children
Who don’t have a voice?
Send your children to prep school
20,000 a year!
You can keep all your vouchers
We won’t let it happen here!

You get so upset
When we talk out of turn.
But you must remember
What we cannot unlearn.
You only care about voters
That look just like you.
Even Jesus would never
Forgive what you do.

Let me ask you one question.
How long can this last?
When they find out your phony
Your career will end fast.
I think you will find
When the cuts take their toll.
And the children are starving,
Who will pray for your soul?

And I hope your bills die
And their death’ll come soon.
They’ll all die in committee
On a fall afternoon.
We’ll elect a new governor.
Give the rich a malaise.
And we’ll fund all our schools,
Give our teachers a raise.


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