Guess Who? – Oklahoma Legislative Edition

Spoon Vision Industries (not a real company) is proud to present “Guess Who? – Oklahoma Legislative Edition,” the board game that helps you know the difference between a Dustin Roberts and a Ron Sharp!


Whether played with a friend or used as interactive flash cards, “Guess Who? – Oklahoma Legislative Edition” will prepare you to accurately identify Kevin Wallace from way up in the House gallery.


You can go to a legislator’s office, sign in, and patiently wait for them to return from various appointments, or you can study up with the help of “Guess Who? – Oklahoma Legislative Edition,” and be able to spot Gary Stanislawski or Greg Treat from across the rotunda.


Teachers, state employees, and other civically engaged Okies cannot afford to miss out on this limited opportunity to own the one-of-a-kind “Guess Who? – Oklahoma Legislative Edition!”


Oklahoma legislators can earn their own piece of history by fulfilling the Oklahoma Education Association’s year two asks of the “Together We’re Stronger” plan, “a $3,000 salary increase for teachers, $2,500 salary increase for education support professionals (secretaries, bus drivers, food service workers, paraprofessionals, etc.) $150 million for school operations and an 8 percent cost-of-living-adjustment for education retirees.”


“Guess Who? – Oklahoma Legislative Edition” is not sold in stores (It’s not actually sold anywhere.) To get your own, simply find a pair of scissors, snag a handful of legislative guides at the Oklahoma Capitol, and start cutting!

Watch the video here!


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