MAPS 4 Curriculum

Spoon Vision is proud to announce the release of a three-day comprehensive curriculum covering local government issues specifically related to the upcoming vote on MAPS 4 on December 10, 2019, in Oklahoma City! This mini unit is aligned with Oklahoma Academic Standards for both 9th Grade Oklahoma History and 12th Grade U.S. Government.


The “MAPS 4 Curriculum” consists of three documents linked below:

  1. “MAPS 4 Curriculum Guide” Maps 4 Curriculum Guide
  2. “MAPS Timeline Activity” for use on day two MAPS Timeline Activity
  3. “MAPS Fact Sheet” to be sent home on day three MAPS 4 Fact Sheet

MAPS Timeline

Permission is granted to share, to download, to reproduce, and for general education use of the above materials.

MAPS 4 Fact Sheet (2)

Please leave a comment below or contact Spoon Vision to continue the conversation.

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